Speed Links


The national model airplane organization in the USA is the Academy of Model Aeronautics. The AMA formalizes the rules for the American speed events and also sanction contests.  The competition rule book is on the site.

FAI is the international governing body for all air sports, including aeromodeling. The supervision of international competitions is one of the main tasks of FAI. The rules – the Sporting Codes – drawn up by the Air Sport Commissions are used by national members to organize numerous competitions each year.

The international Control Line Speed class designation is F2A. World Championships are held every two years on even years. 

The FAI also sponsors F2A World Cup. World Cups are a series of international competitions held during the competition flying season. The competitors range from the highly experienced and successful fliers through those in the mid-field who are working their way up the rankings down to those who are just moving into international competition. World Cups are an excellent way for young people to taste the thrills of competing in international competition alongside experienced, successful competitors – including current and ex-World or European Champions – and to hone their skills so that they may one day qualify to represent their county in World and Continental Championships.

The season generally begins in February and ends in October in any year.

This site is a wonderful collection of material about various control line classes from all over the world. 

A site also covering speed with an emphasis on Jets.



A wonderful site from Australia devoted to props. Has articles on balance, prop failures, airfoils, and more.

Bolly, the propeller people, have a technical site.